viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

Enlightening the gaze of wonder...

Regarding the anatomy of language, a friend of mine a decade ago unlashed the process of nominalization through reckoning the engineering of significative voices, specially the stand of the verb. The beauty of it was the revelation of how marvelous is the plasticity of mind. We, humans, have a real advantage bestowed upon us by evolution: the ability of figuring things out. Of how we process any sort of information coming from the world outside and, then, we work out this specific information throught the magic of language. As Thomas Aquinas one time commented Aristotle in the Peri Hermeneias: "Et ideo potest dici quod cum Aristotle dicit quod Verbum semper est nota eorum, quae de altero preaedicantur, non est sic itelligendum, quasi significata verborum sint quae praedicantur, quia cum preadicatio videatur magis proprie ad compositionem pertinere..." Always the best way to describe beauty and nature is through poetry. Poetry reaches us the indescriptible experience of the true nature of things, primordially those which stir on us wonder and marvel because of the beauty of them.

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